The safety and well-being of our teams and guests is our top priority.

Since reopening, we have been following the stringent Covid-secure protocols we successfully introduced at our restaurant last year, and will continue doing so.


For our English and Welsh guests and team members, the wearing of masks is a personal preference.


We’ve deep cleaned and thorough cleaning routines are taking place regularly all day, every day.


We will continue our thorough cleaning protocols, keeping you safe all day, every day. As usual, tables will be cleaned between guests.


We advise and encourage our guests to use contactless payments. The contactless payment limit is £45, and you can always use Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Scotland: Please note that it is mandatory for all guests to provide contact details for Test and Protect Scotland, and if this is not provided, we cannot serve you.


Don't forget to you can use your mobile to make a booking and view our menus.

Keeping You Safe

Our teams continue to work tirelessly to ensure we can operate safely and provide the same level of great service. 
We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers that will explain your visit to us. These changes ensure we can meet the advice from the UK Government to keep our guests and teams safe. 
We ask all our guests to be respectful of these policies.

Safety First

If you have any of the following symptoms, please do not visit our restaurants:

  • Continuous cough
  • High temperature
  • Shortness of breath

Bookings, Guest and Seating

To ensure you get a table at your preferred time, we advise our guests to book online.



Which sites are open? You can search to see if your local restaurant is open on the website or on the restaurant's Facebook pages. Unfortunately, we have had to close some venues due to local area restrictions.

What hours are they open? Some of our opening times may be slightly different whilst we continue to operate with social distancing policies in place.  While we are trying to keep our websites as update to date as possible, for the most accurate opening times please call the restaurant or pub directly, or again check the Facebook site.

Are bookings being taken? Yes, we highly recommend that if you want to visit one of our restaurants/pubs, that you book ahead to make sure that we can accommodate you and your family safely.

Where are bookings being taken? To make a booking you can book online via the website, or app if the restaurant has one. Alternatively, you can contact your local restaurant directly.

Are walk ins allowed? Whilst we will always try and accommodate walk ins, due to social distancing measures this may not always be possible, or may incur a long wait. We strongly recommend for your own convenience that you book ahead. We take bookings on the day so even if it’s a last minute treat it's worth booking ahead.

How are you supporting the Test & Trace scheme? As well as fully supporting the Government’s NHS Test & Trace scheme, it’s really important that we continue to collect our own Test and Trace data. By doing this we will be able to contact any affected guests and team members as quickly as possible in the event of a COVID outbreak. So when you visiting us you'll be asked to scan a QR code to register your contact details. Your data will not be used for any other purposes and will be disposed of securely within 21 days of your visit.

Do I need to wear a facemask?  It is mandatory for all guests and team members* to wear a face covering when moving around our bar or restaurant. It is not necessary to wear a face covering when seated at your table. This does not apply to children under the age of 5 in Scotland and 11 in England or to guests and team members with medical exemptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

* Not applicable in Wales or for team members not working in close proximity to our guests or those operating behind a screen. 

Are you offering bar only service as well as food? Yes, you are welcome to come for drinks, however following government guidelines, you will need to be seated during your visit.  We suggest you book ahead to avoid disappointment.

What is the maximum party size? The safety of our guests and team members is our top priority. In order to keep everyone safe we are only able to accept bookings of a maximum of x6 people.

Children and babies need to be included in the maximum number per booking as per above, except in Scotland for children under 12 years of age.​

If the number of people in your household exceeds the maximum numbers above, please contact us to make an enquiry about a larger booking.

Is your beer garden open? Our beer gardens will be open but social distancing measures will be in place to make sure everyone can enjoy them safely. We remind guests that we operate a full table service only in our garden and outdoor areas.

Are you doing takeaway? We offer several different takeaway and delivery options. You can purchase through our apps or online; and a number our sites partner with Just Eat and Deliveroo to offer a to your door delivery service.

Are play areas going to open? For the safety of all our guests, especially the younger ones, and in accordance with government guidelines, all play areas will for the time being, remain closed. 

Are you accepting cash or card only? For the safety of our team we are asking all guests, wherever, possible to pay by card or contactless methods.  We accept, contactless card  payments up to £45, Apple Pay & Google Pay, or you can download our app and pay at the table.

How far in advance can I book? We are taking bookings on a three month rolling basis - check your local pub/restaurant for details.

Are children welcome? Yes, children are welcome when accompanied by adults.  We do however ask that they are supervised at all times and remain seated at the table to allow our teams and guests to safely move about the restaurant whilst observing social distancing.

Are you taking bookings for private parties? We aren't currently taking bookings for private parties, we will review this as the government guidance changes on group sizes.


For guests visiting in Scotland:​

It is mandatory for guests and team members to wear a face covering when moving around the bar/restaurant/ pub.​

It is not necessary to wear a mask when seated at your table​.This does not apply children under 5, or for guests with medical exemptions. ​

The rule does not apply to team members operating behind a screen e.g. a carving deck or where there is a 2m separation from our guests e.g.: serving behind a bar


How are you ensuring utensils, glasses and crockery are clean? All crockery and glassware will be brought to the table by your server having been thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

Are you using guards or separators? We have followed all mandatory government guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests, this has meant that we have not needed to separate tables with Perspex screening in majority of our restaurants.

Will your team members be using PPE? If so what? Where appropriate to the role, team members will be using PPE.  All front of house staff have been given the option of wearing PPE whilst at work.

How often is the furniture and touch points being cleaned? We already had a rigorous cleaning policy in place that included regular cleaning checks, these have now all been doubled in frequency as well as adding a number of new policies and procedures to make sure that our environment is as clean and safe as possible.

How often are the toilets being cleaned? Toilet checks and cleaning procedures are being carried out by a designated member of staff every 30 minutes.  If you see any issues whilst using our facilities please make a member of the team aware so this can be rectified straight away.

How often are the kitchens being cleaned? Our kitchens are always cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day, however, we have set in place additional cleaning policies to increase the frequency.

Are team members washing hands frequently? Yes our team members are advised to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes, and after any occasion where they may have come into contact with another person or object of risk.

Are your team members being tested? There are no government guideline for hospitality workers to be tested before returning to work.  We are however carrying out daily health checks before every team members starts a shift.  Anyone presenting symptoms is being asked to immediately self isolate.

What distance are you applying in your table spacing? Our table spacing has been done in line with current government guidelines to ensure the safety of both our staff and guests alike.

One of your staff is heard to be unwell but not taking time off what are you doing about it? All our staff complete a health check survey before starting work.  Anyone presenting symptoms is being asked to self isolate with immediate effect.

If someone who has visited or works at one of your restaurants becomes unwell what are you doing about it? If we become aware that someone has visited one of our sites and subsequently becomes unwell then we will immediately follow the government guidelines in place. Please see our Test and Trace.

What is your covid policy? Is this available to view? Our Covid-19 policy can be viewed on our website.

If specific areas are locked down or have raised R rate will you close? We will follow government/local authority guidelines in that specific area to maintain the safety of guests and staff as well as protecting the local area.



Why is my local still closed? Our teams are working hard to open all our restaurants as safely as possible and this has meant that not all sites can open straight away.  You won't have to wait too long though and we hope to be open very soon!

Are you going to tidy up the grounds of the closed site near me?  As soon as we are able to do so; due to government guidelines; we will carry out all essential maintenance and grounds work."

Your site is not reopening how do I get my deposit back? The manager of the site will be in contact with you to arrange this once they are back to work.



Will you extend or replace my expired stamps that expired while you were closed? As a gesture of goodwill we have automatically extended stamps and stamp cards that expired during the period of closure, these have now been updated automatically where applicable so please check your app.

Will you put a longer time frame on use of my rewards and promotions as it may take longer to get a booking or feel confident to dine out? If you had a reward in your app that expired during the period of closure, it will not have been extended. If you let us know which reward expired we can look into this for you.  It isn't possible to extend it while you're at a restaurant, you would need to contact our Guest Care team to do this for you

You've extended my stamps/stampcard but my local site is still closed, how am I supposed to use it or gain new stamps? We added extensions to a selected number of stamps and stamp cards that expired during the period of closure, we aren't currently in a position to extend these dates any further. 



How will you comply with data protection/GDPR rules?  In support of the Government’s NHS Test and Trace initiative, when you arrive you’ll be asked to register your details.  As well as fully supporting the Government’s NHS Test and Trace scheme, it’s really important that we continue to collect our own Test and Trace data. By doing this we will be able to contact any affected guests and team members as quickly as possible in the event of a COVID outbreak. So when you visit us you'll be asked to scan a QR code or visit our website or App to register your contact details.  Data provided to us as part of your booking may also be used, and shared with third parties, for the purpose of administering the UK Government’s Test and Trace process. Data will only be shared if we are required to make any records available to the health authorities if they wish to follow up on suspected outbreaks, and in such circumstances, it will only be relevant data which is shared. Data will only be used for the additional purpose of  Test and Trace for a period of 21 days after the date of visit. After this time, our standard retention rules apply to any personal data we hold.

Where will these details be stored?  The process will be to store the information digitally and securely unless it is already stored in our bookings system.

Will these details be held in physical or digital form? It will be held in a digital form.

Who will have access to these details? The information will be retained securely and made available to the health authorities if they wish to follow up on suspected outbreaks through their “Test and Trace” procedures. 

Will a guest be refused entry to one of our businesses if they refuse to share these details?  It is now mandatory for guests to provide contact details for Test and Trace purposes, and if this is not provided, entry to our sites will be refused.

Will you require customers to leave their names and contact details, or will it be optional? Every customer or group of customers will be asked to provide contact details.

If a guest booked online and provided contact details will they need to give details again when they visit?  In support of the Government’s NHS Test and Trace scheme guests will be required to register their details when they visit us.