Christmas 2022 Festive Buffet Menu at Brass Haus

Everybody loves a good buffet. What’s not to love? But you can’t beat a good Christmas buffet, especially when it’s our long-awaited 2021 Festive Buffet. We’re wrapping up the season in one big, delicious buffet bundle, so gather your family and friends and get ready for a festive feast!

All bookings of 7 or more people between 15th November and 1st January (excluding Christmas Day) will require a non-refundable deposit of £5 per person. For Christmas Day a deposit of £10 per person will be taken. Pre-orders will be taken for all Festive Menu bookings for 7 or more and all Christmas Day bookings. Full payment for Christmas Day will be due by 1st December. Please know, that your deposit will remain safe, and if government advice changes and your booking cannot proceed, we will of course refund your deposit in full, using the original method of payment.